Sivani Mata is an artist who believes in the process of deep inner work as a way to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the Earth. She is passionate about collective creation such as her offering, Music as Medicine. She feels that practices such as these, path the way to building the relationship of self love and acceptance which is the foundation to a healing loving relationship with the land.


From our initial conversations we knew that there would be a goddess or priestess energy within he logo expression that we created. This sensation of a female energy who promotes healing by creating nurturing spaces, rather than preaching the 'right' way. A sense of serenity was needed, connection to powerful creative energy and trust that all the knowledge needed lives within… and that being in spaces facilitated by Sivani gives us permission to connect with that inner wisdom.

There are three different versions of the logo that we have have created together, to represent the ever-changing nature and diversity of feminine energy.

The logo is full of details that can be used as icons to describe and unpack Sivani's offerings.
You can see how she's using them and the background textures that have been developed for her, on her website.

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This is a beautiful project to illustrate how creating a logo is so much more than 'just a logo', it's a whole visual world that is being dreamed up, that gives the client practical tools and useful files to create powerful content, like Sivani has. If creating that content is not something you're excited to do then I can help with that too, and we can continue to expand this visual world together, building from the logo which is at the core.
Also, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the journey we went on together; Sivani chose the Multiple Visual Expressions option and so she saw a collection of options before she chose this one. Contact me to find out more and to see more examples of how we journey together to this point…

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A snapshot of the logos that Sivani saw in her initial presentation.

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