I'm Sophie, and I'm on an adventure with imperfection...

…reclaiming wild creativity…
…decolonising my creative good girl…
…celebrating the power of collaboration…
…healing through creating unique story-filled pieces

I'm so glad you're here, join me on this journey!

 my creativity 

The Spice Tailor


I design in-person experiences that create intentional spaces for us to delve deeper into our true nature and uncover more of our unique Wild Creativity.
I weave invitational ceremony and opportunities for deep rest into our community gatherings, as well as welcoming stories and insights to be shared and heard.
My offerings reflect what I feel is being called for on a collective level so that we can each shine our truest, brightest light.

The Spice Tailor


A collection of prepared and powerful logos that are 'ready-to-go' and capture the spirit of what you offer.
As I go through this creative adventure, ideas arise for logos and I am drawn to create them, knowing that they carry the message for someone connected to my constellation.
These logos can be received exactly as they are or with personal edits…

The Spice Tailor


I collaborate with human centred academic research projects who are are studying and collating powerful insights into lived experiences of marginalised demographics of society.
We work together to create powerful visual identites. This enables them to share their studies with a wider audience and advocate for change at all levels, through policy making to grassroots movements.
These visual outcomes can be illustration, video, animation, logo design, social media, infographics and more.

where I share insights into my creative processes as well as information about my offerings.


 to myself 

You do not always have to shine bright. Know the importance of rest and darkness.
You can take time to integrate. Sustainability is more important than speed.
You honour yourself and your needs. Saying 'no' is part of your practice.
The way you move and hold yourself will naturally attract your people;
Don't change your dance to please anyone.
You'll glow bright when you're in the right place and in the right energy.
Your light will shine on other peoples' greatness and strengths,
to support them to glow more brightly and reveal their uniqueness.
You create a constellation of fireflies in the sky who are bringing their passions to life on this earth dance.
They share a mission to walk each other home.
Everyone in the constellation is celebrated and they glow in their own unique way.

 keep in touch 

All images and designs created by Sophie Maliphant, Wild Creativity, unless specifically stated. Subject to copyright ©.
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